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Tailored support

Each of us is a unique being with their unique inner world. This sense of singularity lies at the heart of my practice.

Each hypnosis session is a new exploration because we are all different. Taking into account your own perceptions, helping you release yourself from your own overbearing willpower, I lead you through various suggestions designed to establish new ways of thinking. You will then be better equipped to adopt positive behaviors, recover your well-being and achieve the change you seek.

Our mental power

Guided by the therapist’s voice, you reach an altered state of consciousness between vigil and sleep, close to daydreaming.

You are present and yet detached from immediate sensations and thoughts.

Focused inward, you access your subconscious, which is unique. Its powerful resources impact your behaviors. These resources can be enabled through hypnosis.

Image de Alexander Schimmeck

A natural therapy

Hypnosis is a natural therapy that works efficiently in many areas of our lives. It is intended for adults, teenagers and children.  It has no adverse side effects and does not create dependency.

Hypnosis helps you overcome limiting behaviors or difficult situations and to release emotional blocks.

Through hypnotherapy, you can shift your perspective in relation to yourself, others and the world around you in order to find serenity and well-being.

Duration of therapy

Depending on your needs, you can choose short-term therapy, 2 to 6 sessions, or a longer-term therapy for more in-depth work

Therapeutic responsibility

My responsibility as a therapist does not include medical issues or symptoms. Hypnosis is in no way a substitute for medical care or treatment prescribed by your doctor.

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