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Meet me


I am bilingual (French-English) and I practice hypnosis in either language. 

Practicing hypnosis is my way of helping people improve their well-being. My life has been rich in experiences and I have learned to cherish the wonderful uniqueness that resides within us, even at different times of our life. We all perceive the world in different ways, describe our sensations with different words. Our ever changing singularity is at the heart of my practice.

'' Supposing I know of a flower that is absolutely unique, that is nowhere to be found except on my planet...''.  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry The Little Prince

Laurence Lollier Hypnothérapeute Qui suis-je ?
Laurence Lollier Qui suis-je ?

With a background in translation, I am naturally drawn to nuances in language. I lived abroad for a long time and held various positions in the field of technical translation, including team management. 


Since my daughter was born, I have developed a strong interest in education and have been involved with several projects in that field in France and abroad.

I have been trained in hypnosis by professional therapists with decades of expertise in hypnotherapy.

My Values

My mission is to help you achieve a strong sense of well-being through hypnosis. I pay close attention to your goals and your perceptions in order to access your core resources efficiently and enable their power according to your needs.

I practice hypnosis with kindness and honesty and I am committed to my patients' autonomy and confidentiality.

My responsibility as a hypnosis practiotioner does not include medical issues or symptoms. Hypnosis is in no way a substitute for medical care or treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Laurence Lollier Hypnothérapeute Mes Valeurs
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